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Hydroxypure Chlorine Free Swimming Pools in Brisbane

Hydroxypure Chlorine Free Swimming Pools in Brisbane

Hydroxypure by Waterco is the latest technology in chlorine free swimming pool systems.

Hydroxypure is a pool system that’s free of odours and taste, soft and gentle on the skin and leaves no residue which means you will not require a shower after swimming in your pool.

The Hydroxypure chlorine-free swimming pool system uses a combination of ozone and hydrogen peroxide to create one of the most powerful oxidisers in nature. Based on the Peroxone Treatment Process (PTP), which combines hydrogen peroxide (H202) and hybrid ozone (03), Hydroxypure essentially ‘turbocharges’ the sanitisation process.

Hydroxypure’s hybrid ozone technology stimulates the action of the sun – it produces a high intensity wavelength of light which produces a clean form of ozone that’s free of impurities. The natural flocculating effect that ozone has on water greatly increases the capability of the filtration system to be able to filter out oxidised contaminants in the water, leaving the pool water clean and crystal clear.

Enhanced oxygen

The use of two disinfectants (ozone and hydrogen peroxide) actively works in harmony to increase active oxygen in the water. The synergy of the two disinfectants ensures the water environment is safe, without the creation of harmful chemical by-products.

The end result is a swimming pool that’s totally chlorine free and enriched with oxygen.

hydroxypure chlorine free cyclePTP is known as the new water treatment process of the 21st century, because of its superior ability to remove bacterial threats – better than any other oxidation processes currently available on the swimming pool market.

Hydroxypure tests the pool water and automatically maintains adequate levels of hydrogen peroxide within the swimming pool for continual sanitisation of the pool.

Additionally, the Hydroxypure system will respond to the different demands, by automatically adjusting dosing requirements for high bathing loads, hot weather, rain events and when pools are topped up. The pool water’s pH level is also automatically adjusted, protecting the swimming pool and swimmers from unfavourable swimming conditions.

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